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Learn About WIC in Oklahoma

Oklahoma WIC is formally known as the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children and is administered by the state’s Department of Health. This federally funded government assistance program is designed to assist pregnant women, new mothers, infants and young children living with low incomes and showing signs of nutritional risk. The OK WIC office is dedicated to providing supplemental and nutritious foods and educational materials or counseling to applicants who qualify to receive these benefits.

Before applying for the WIC program, potential applicants should learn more about the eligibility requirements and the benefits that can be provided to beneficiaries. By learning more about the program, needy residents can decide if they can benefit from the assistance program and if their households may qualify. To find out more about WIC eligibility requirements, the application process and what types of benefits are available, review the following information provided below.

What are the WIC requirements in Oklahoma?

Before asking “Where is a WIC office near me in Oklahoma?” you should first learn more about the eligibility criteria for the program. Not all residents with young children will qualify for benefits through the program and the application procedure must be followed before eligibility can be determined. To qualify for benefits, you must be one of the following:

  • A woman who is pregnant, recently gave birth or who is currently breastfeeding
  • An infant
  • A young child under five years old

In addition to meeting one of these WIC eligibility criteria, you must also be a citizen of the state of Oklahoma and you must meet the program’s low-income guidelines. These income guidelines change each year because they are reliant on the government’s Federal Poverty Level (FPL) guidelines, which can change annually. If your household is currently enrolled in another government assistance program that uses income levels to determine eligibility, such as the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, you automatically meet the low-income guidelines for WIC.

When you meet with a representative to discuss whether you meet the WIC qualifications in OK, you or your child will also be given a nutritional assessment. You or your child must show signs of being nutritionally at risk to receive benefits.

You can use an online prescreening tool to determine if you may qualify for the program. However, this tool does not begin the application process for you and your answers are not sent to the agency. To find out more about WIC requirements, download and review our free guide.

How to Apply for WIC in Oklahoma

You cannot complete the Oklahoma WIC application process at home, by mail or online. You must make an appointment with a local agency and meet with a staff member to apply for program benefits. Since the staff member must complete a nutritional assessment, this step must be completed in person. You can review a list of the state’s WIC office locations and choose the one that is most convenient for you. Call the office and make an appointment to see a staff member to complete the application process.

Keep in mind that at the OK WIC appointment, it is the staff member’s job to conduct the nutritional assessment. Be prepared to answer questions about your health or the health of your child. You will also be weighed and other measurements taken to assess your nutrition. The staff member may ask you questions about your diet and the foods you provide to your child on a daily basis.

What can you get with WIC in Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma WIC benefits provided to you after you enroll in the program will depend on your family’s needs and what services you qualify to access. The program will provide you with funds to purchase approved and nutritious foods at authorized grocers. You will also receive education and counseling on:

  • Breastfeeding.
  • Nutrition.
  • Recipe tips and grocery shopping.
  • Healthy meal planning.

When you become a program beneficiary, you will gain access to a helpful WIC online program that provides educational lessons you can complete at home. These lessons will help you better understand how to provide nutritious meals for yourself and your family, your family members’ nutritious needs and how to create a realistic grocery budget and meal plan.

In addition to the WIC checks that can be used for food, you may also be provided with referrals to healthcare professionals and other social service programs. To learn more about the benefits you may receive and the approved foods you can purchase with financial assistance, read through our informative guide.

How to Prepare for a WIC Appointment in Oklahoma

You can call the Oklahoma WIC number of the office you would like to visit to set your appointment. Once the appointment is set, keep in mind there are a few items you may need to bring with you, including:

  • Identification
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of income

If you are filling out a WIC application for your infant or child, you must bring him or her with you. The representative must assess the nutritional risk of your child to determine his or her need for benefits. During your appointment, you can expect the representative to also complete a dietary evaluation and provide nutrition education and counseling, as he or she sees fit.

If you qualify for program benefits, the representative will also provide you with food financial assistance and explain how to utilize these benefits. Be prepared to answer questions about you or your child’s current diet, medical conditions and medical history.

How to Check Your WIC Balance in Oklahoma

Oklahoma WIC benefits are provided to you during your appointment with an agency representative, if it is determined that you qualify for the program. These benefits can be used to purchase approved foods at qualifying retailers, including some local farmer’s markets. The program provides lists of these approved foods, which are grouped by applicant category, such as pregnant mothers or infants. The program promotes foods that are high in fiber and low in fat. There are specific types of foods that cannot be purchased using benefits. By purchasing only these program-approved items, you will ensure you are obtaining nutrient-dense foods that are healthy for yourself and your family.

It is important to pay close attention to your monthly WIC balance to ensure you are utilizing your benefits properly. Learning how to stick with a monthly grocery budget and to create healthy, full meals for your family using these benefits can help you stay on a strict budget each month.

Learn How To Apply For WIC Assistance With Our Guide

As an independent and private company, we are proud to help our users learn about the benefit application process.

  • Get Free Information with Our Guide
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